Tony L. Corbell

The Power of Light

Growing up as a young boy in the tower apartment of a drive-in movie theater helped develop a sense of visual communication in Tony.  "I watched movies literally every night of my life out of our back door from the playground until about age seven.  To this day I still feel that cinematic influence," says Corbell.

For more than twenty years Tony has educated and inspired photographers throughout the world. His sold-out lectures and workshops have been seen in twenty-four countries and forty-nine U.S. states.  Articles he has written on lighting controls and theory have been published in textbooks, magazines, and trade publications regularly as well as books he has written.  Today, after thiry-five years as a working professional, Tony remains an active member of the photographic community serving as Lighting Evangelist for Bowens Lighting and still teaching and lecturing throughout the world.

Teaching All About Light

Tonys' teaching videos can be viewed at the following educational sites alongside the worlds leading photographers at the following sites:


An Inspired Career

Since he began his photographic career in April of 1979, Tony has lead an almost inspired career.  He has created portraits and photographed sports celebrities, astronauts, and world political leaders. He has taught workshops in some of the most beautiful cities and locations in the world including New Zealand, Italy, South Africa, Ireland, Scotland, Germany, and even West Texas.  

When asked what should need to know about him, Tony says he is the dad of a wonderful daughter, Leslie (an art history grduate) and the biggest Beatle fan there is.  He is also very proud of the fact that he has been featured or acknowledged in more than twenty books by other photographers.

I don’t normally give feed back but this course was great - the information was put in a very simple but passionate way - the lighting examples were just right and inspiring and the photographs taken were really excellent. This course is a must for anyone who wants to develop their lighting skills. I like this mans teaching style and want to see more from him after seeing this course!
— Kelby One Review

Tony at Strawberry Field, Liverpool, England 2012

Tony at Strawberry Field, Liverpool, England 2012

An active speaker in the professional photographic community, Tony can be seen often at Imaging USA, WPPI, SWPPA London, PMA Las Vegas, Photo Plus Expo, Santa Fe Workshops, and many other regular conferences and events. 

Awards and Recognition

1986 Texas Photographic Fellowship Degree

1988 ITVA Educational Photographic Video Director or the Year

1994 PPA Photographic Craftsman Degree

1995 WPPI Master of Photographic Excellence

1996 Brooks Institute Honorary Master of Science

1998 WPPI “Lifetime Achievement Award”

1999 PPA Approved Photographic Instructor

2005 United Nations’ Int’l Photo Council, “Photographic Leadership Award”

2006 PPA “National Award” given by PP of California

2006 SWPPA Fellowship Degree, London England, UK

2007 San Diego Commercial Photographer of the Year

2007 Invited Member, The Camera Craftsmen of America

2008 San Diego Picture of the Year

2009 San Diego Picture of the Year

2011 National ASP Associate Fellowship, Educational Award

2014 PPA’s Gerhardt Bakker Award, Photographic Educator of the Year

2014 Founding Member of Team Bowens